A Repair in Time

"Time Only" means that the clock does not have have a chime or play music.

Service fee includes the following:
Dismantle and Clean all parts
Polish Pivots (If Bushings are required they are $10 each)
Oil & Adjust
Installation of movement into clock
Test for accurate time keeping
**If parts are needed there will be
  an additional charge.

Wall and shelf Clocks
Time only Clocks          Start at  85.00
French Time only Clocks  200.00
400 Day Anniversary Clock           145.00
1000 Day Anniversary Clock  155.00
30 Hour Time and Strike
(Weight or Spring)               165.00
8 Day Time & Strike               
  (Weight or Spring)               175.00
8 Day Time, Strike & Music
(3 spring or Weight)             200.00
French Time and Strike275.00

Cuckoo Clocks
2 Weight, 8 day                      145.00
2 Weight, 30 hour                    130.00
3 Weight music, 8 day                155.00
3 weight music, 30 hour              145.00

Grandfather (Tall Case) Clocks *
2 Weight                            225.00
3 Weight 290.00
5 Tube, 3 Weight                    400.00
9 Tube, 3 Weight                    575.00


Other Services

Case Work 45.00 per hour.
View Casework Photos

Alarm Clocks........................45.00 & up
Electric Clocks............Start at 60.00
Electric Clock W/ Westminster chime...175.00
Quartz Clocks (repair or replace movement)............................Start at 30.00
Battery Replacements (clocks/Watches)...
Start at 7.00
Glass Replacement..................Varies

Parts are extra

Grandfather clock service includes travel to and from your home or business. 
    901 Main St.     Hellertown, PA
New Ipod?  -   $150
Obsolete in 3-5 years

DVD Player? --$120+
Avg. Lifespan- 5 yrs.

New computer --$600+
outdated in 2-3 yrs.

Buy or repair a clock?
Lasts for generations.
FYI- At present there is a 5 to 8 month wait for clocks brought in for repair. Quartz clocks can usually be done within a few weeks.
Tall Case clock - Prep for Moving or Set up recently moved clock......basic fee $65 (within 10 miles).
Additional $20 fee for locations within 10-25 miles.
Fee for 5 or  9 Tube clocks- $150 -$165
Call for more information.  I do not move clocks.

Appraisals: I am not a certified appraiser. I can tell you what I think your clock is worth, but it is my opinion only. It can not be used for insurance appraisals or other legal uses.
Prices effective
as of 04/16/2012
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