I have been doing clock repair and restoration professionally for about 12 years. Prior to that I worked on clocks as a hobby for 30+ years. I ran the business from my home for several years, but business has increased so much that I have moved into a small store in Hellertown. While the main focus is still on repair, I do have a few  antique and vintage clocks for sale. Stop by and see what is available!
About Our Services
A Repair in Time

Do you have an old clock that hasn't worked in years? In many cases, all it really needs is to be cleaned and oiled.
I do make house calls for Tall Case clocks as long as they are within a reasonable driving distance. 

Please pick up finished clocks / watches within 30 Days!

Store Hours:
Sunday - closed
Monday- scheduled house calls
Tuesday   -      10:00- 4:00
Wednesday- Scheduled house calls
Thursday          1:00-5:00
Friday-             10:00- 4:00
Saturday          10:00-2:00