Clocks For Sale
A Repair in Time

New Haven Antique Cottage Clock

I also have  a very nice 1960's "grandmother" clock. Very nice condition and runs very well. A little over 6 ft. tall. A bargain at only $725. Stop by to see it today.
Mission Style Wall Clock
Vintage 30 hour 1940's
Cuckoo clock.  Asking $225.
German Time and Strike Mantel Clock. 8 Day

Linden Bracket Clock. Triple Chime. $350
Key wind, pendulum operated Westminster wall clock. Chimes on the quarter hour. From about 1960's.  $125 -as is. Seems to keep good time, but clock has not been cleaned.
Mission Style Early 1900's Grandfather Clock Appears to be all original. Keeps good Time.    $375
Spring Driven Time and Strke Pendulum Clock. Weights are Decorative, not functional. Nice looking clock for only $120. Keeps good time.
Sorry but I do not
ship clocks.